Jane Avgousti is a visual artist working out of Sheffield in the North of England.

‘I just have a need to create, It is my centre and calm, part of who I am. My earliest memories are of laying on the living room floor of our small council house endlessly drawing cutting and colouring. In primary school I often had a free pass out of lessons to spend days drawing sets for plays or painting murals for the walls. I was allowed throughout my secondary education to ‘do whatever I liked’ and ‘use whatever I want’. This constant experimentation has never left me. I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of artist who finds a style and just sticks with it, producing variations on a theme. I’m not sure I know how! Starting a new piece is just so daunting and exciting, a work has endless choices to be made along the way.
I relish manipulating space colour and to find that point where a work ‘feels’ right, and work stops. This can take hours, months and sometimes, unfortunately, years! .

The ‘Human Landscape’ series consider the the interaction between the natural and the human environments and the way one is always affected by the other, be that on a massive or a microscopic scale. These works are made up of layer upon layer of oil and water based paints.  The interaction between the oils and water creates movement and distortion allowing these works to evolve in often unexpected ways upon the canvas.

‘We are the Women’ is a series of paintings and sculptures of women.